Monday 15 November 2021

Can you Successfully do DIY plumbing?

Posted by at 11:53 PM

Correctly plumbing a house to city code takes an experienced professional with years of training and experience. Without an expert, many plumbing DIY attempts can turn into plumbing DIY fails – which cost you time, money, and dignity when you had to call a professional to do it right.

Everyone is busy, especially as the holidays roll around this time of year. You don’t have the time to redo a project two, three, or even four times. Call the professionals right away when you are beginning your projects to start them on the right foot.

Here is a list of tasks that can be done without a licensed professional:

  • Changing a faucet for aesthetic purposes.
  • Hooking up your ice maker to an existing water line.
  • Tightening a loose or leaky pipe.
  • Unclogging a drain with at-home products.

Here is a list of tasks that should always be done by a licensed professional:

  • Adding plumbing to a basement or room.
  • Adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen.
  • Plumbing in another sink to a bathroom vanity.
  • Adding a bathroom in a renovation.

If you are about to start a project in your home that involves plumbing, make sure you do your research on what you can or can’t do without a professional’s help. Hiring someone right the first time can help you avoid city code violations, unforeseen trouble, and wasted time.

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