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Burst Pipe Repair, Frozen Pipes in the Chicago Area

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A burst pipe is an emergency that needs be handled right now! In order to stop further damage you need someone to come in and stop the water from causing more damage. It takes a skilled plumber to get the situation back under control. Our experienced technicians that will arrive promptly on-site, assess the situation and begin repairs immediately.

Cold Weather: The Most Common Reason for Burst Pipes

One of the most common reasons for burst pipes are when pipes freeze in bitterly cold weather. Uninsulated pipes run a high chance of freezing when the temperature drops, and if the pipes freeze, then the water inside will freeze as well. Pipes can then break or split, and water becomes a very big problem quickly.

The longer you wait, the more damage it will do. Even if the main water supply is shut off and the flow is stopped, any standing water in the area will be soaked into the floors, walls, carpets, and furniture, not only causing damage to them but also increasing the risk of mold growth.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

It’s easier than you may think to prevent pipes from bursting.

  • Wrap vulnerable pipes with foam pipe insulation to prevent water in the pipes from freezing.
  • Have your system inspected every couple of years by a professional plumber to ensure there are no issues.

By taking preventative measures now and practicing proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to deal with a burst pipe in the future.

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