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Burst Pipe Repair, Frozen Pipes in the Chicago Area

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A burst pipe is an emergency that needs be handled right now! In order to stop further damage you need someone to come in and stop the water from causing more damage. It takes a skilled plumber to get the situation back under control. Our experienced technicians that will arrive promptly on-site, assess the situation and begin repairs immediately.

Cold Weather: The Most Common Reason for Burst Pipes

One of the most common reasons for burst pipes are when pipes freeze in bitterly cold weather. Uninsulated pipes run a high chance of freezing when the temperature drops, and if the pipes freeze, then the water inside will freeze as well. Pipes can then break or split, and water becomes a very big problem quickly.

The longer you wait, the more damage it will do. Even if the main water supply is shut off and the flow is stopped, any standing water in the area will be soaked into the floors, walls, carpets, and furniture, not only causing damage to them but also increasing the risk of mold growth.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes

It’s easier than you may think to prevent pipes from bursting.

  • Wrap vulnerable pipes with foam pipe insulation to prevent water in the pipes from freezing.
  • Have your system inspected every couple of years by a professional plumber to ensure there are no issues.

By taking preventative measures now and practicing proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to deal with a burst pipe in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing

Most homeowners try to unclog drains themselves initially, and, depending on the severity and reason of the blockage, they might be successful. Unfortunately, some chemical products on the market today claim to unclog drains but end up damaging and corroding the interior of the pipe or degrade the materials at the pipe joints. A mini auger or drain snake can be used, but their operation can be rather tricky and awkward.

Hot grease may pour easily down a drain, but when it cools, it solidifies and sticks to the sides of your pipe, reducing its diameter, slowing water pressure, and causing a bottleneck that encourages clogs. Other foreign materials like objects (jewelry, toys, etc.) or pieces of food waste can also enter the drain and the pipes below, but will become trapped at the next bend in the plumbing. While some water will still drain through the pipe, the bottleneck and partial blockage will drastically slow down the drain.

Sediment build up over time can reduce the efficiency of your water heater to the point where you notice you're not getting enough hot water, especially if you are demanding hot water from more than one or two spots in your home. Other culprits can include temperature sensor failures and problems with the heating element. Water heater manufacturers recommend that you schedule regular maintenance checks with a licensed plumber in order to keep your system in top condition. Industry estimates for water heaters are between six and 13 years for conventional tank water heaters. Tankless water heaters tend to last longer.

Some plumbing repairs can't wait for regular office hours because your plumbing system is a key element to your building's sanitary conditions and habitability. If you have a sewage backup, for instance, repairing the cause can't wait. If a broken or leaking pipe is causing your home to flood, you'll have to shut off the water main, and you won't be able to have running water or flushing toilets until the pipe is repaired.