Ejection / Ejector Pumps in Chicago, IL

Ejection / Ejector Pumps in Chicago, IL

Sewer Pumps

Keep your home and basement safe in the Chicagoland area by keeping your sewage ejector pump up-to-date and well-maintained. The professionals at Trojan Plumbing can offer you peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands and being protected from sewage and water damage.

Sewage ejector pumps play a critical role in the water and waste management system of a home, handling water from sources like floor drains, grey water from appliances, and wastewater. When an ejector pump fails not only can it create flooding, but also health hazards. The proper installation and service of your ejector pump will leave you with peace of mind regarding your water and waste management.

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What is an Ejector Pump?

The sewage ejector pump is a simple system consisting of a basin, float, switch, and pumps. Waste collects in the basin over time until the float rises high enough to flip the switch, at which point the pumps are engaged. Sewage ejector pumps also have a grinder that breaks down solid waste.

Do I Need an Ejector Pump?

The plumbing in most structures uses gravity to function. The pipes sit above the community sewer line and gravity allows for the sewage to travel through the pipes and enter the main line. Of course, this only works when the pipes are located above the line. Bathrooms and laundry rooms located in a basement or lower level that sits below the community sewer line will need an ejector pump to push the sewage to the correct elevation where gravity can take over.

Pump Failure

Failed ejector pumps can cause massive damage. When they fail, solid waste and water build-up at the bottom of the drain system eventually creating so much pressure the line bursts spewing waste and soiled water into the home. This creates property damage and is an enormous health hazard. Fortunately, most ejector systems come equipped with a water level alarm. This alarm engages if the water in the holding tank rises above a certain threshold and indicates that there is something wrong with your ejector pump. The importance of paying attention to this alarm cannot be overstated. Problems with your ejector pump should be immediately addressed by a professional to ensure the safety of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most homeowners try to unclog drains themselves initially, and, depending on the severity and reason of the blockage, they might be successful. Unfortunately, some chemical products on the market today claim to unclog drains but end up damaging and corroding the interior of the pipe or degrade the materials at the pipe joints. A mini auger or drain snake can be used, but their operation can be rather tricky and awkward.

Hot grease may pour easily down a drain, but when it cools, it solidifies and sticks to the sides of your pipe, reducing its diameter, slowing water pressure, and causing a bottleneck that encourages clogs. Other foreign materials like objects (jewelry, toys, etc.) or pieces of food waste can also enter the drain and the pipes below, but will become trapped at the next bend in the plumbing. While some water will still drain through the pipe, the bottleneck and partial blockage will drastically slow down the drain.

Sediment build up over time can reduce the efficiency of your water heater to the point where you notice you're not getting enough hot water, especially if you are demanding hot water from more than one or two spots in your home. Other culprits can include temperature sensor failures and problems with the heating element. Water heater manufacturers recommend that you schedule regular maintenance checks with a licensed plumber in order to keep your system in top condition. Industry estimates for water heaters are between six and 13 years for conventional tank water heaters. Tankless water heaters tend to last longer.

Some plumbing repairs can't wait for regular office hours because your plumbing system is a key element to your building's sanitary conditions and habitability. If you have a sewage backup, for instance, repairing the cause can't wait. If a broken or leaking pipe is causing your home to flood, you'll have to shut off the water main, and you won't be able to have running water or flushing toilets until the pipe is repaired.

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