Wednesday 15 December 2021

Holiday Plumbing Tips

Posted by at 3:46 AM

The holidays can place an extra strain on your plumbing. More guests, more bathroom trips, more showers, and more laundry all require more water. Find out how to avoid frustrating plumbing issues.

Before your guests arrive, inspect your hot water heater for leaks. Make sure your sinks and shower drains are clear. Hair and conditioner are common culprits that slow drains. Often removing clumps of hair and pouring a kettle of hot water down the drain will keep things moving smoothly. It is also a good idea to check the water lines on your washer and clean the washer drain or lint trap. A round of washing machine overflow cleanup is not something to add to your list. If the weather is colder than usual, be aware of the possibility of a frozen water pipe leak.

Every drain has a trap. Regular trap cleaning for kitchen and bathroom drains might be a helpful habit to establish. You have probably seen these curved pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sinks when you’ve been digging in the cabinet for a towel or the dish soap. A trap holds water and keeps sewer gasses from escaping out of the pipe when wastewater is flushed into the drainage system. Traps can also hold lint, hair and grease depending on their location, and sometimes this might be the best first place to check for a clog. Things that go down the drain that shouldn’t, such as a piece of jewelry or other small items, might stop here on their way out of the system, so it is a good place to check.

As you prep for your holiday meals, remember not to put fat, grease, and oil in the drain. They can harden as they cool and mix with other things in your drain to create major issues. Throw this in the trash, not the toilet.

Common sense, knowledge, and a bit of preparation should get you through any plumbing situation easily. Don’t forget if simple measures don’t work, call a professional who can clear the clog and help you find the cause.