Tuesday 15 March 2022

Keeping Your Plumbing Healthy – Cooking Grease

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It is our job to come to your home and business to help you diagnose and fix plumbing problems you may be having. While we love interacting with and coming up with solutions to benefit our customers, we know it is always better to avoid plumbing issues and not see us!

There are many things you can do to keep your pipes and plumbing healthy for long periods of time. One of the most crucial practices you can adapt to save your plumbing is to stop pouring cooking grease down your drains.

Bacon grease, melted butter, or deep-frying grease can all wreak havoc on your plumbing systems. Grease is the main culprit for many of the clogged pipes we see and need to fix. We know that pouring grease down your drain is usually the “easiest” way to dispose of this cooking waste, but it is doing far more harm for your drain and the environment than good.

When you pour grease down your drain, it can clog up or line your pipes with a thick substance. This makes it harder for your other wastewater to flow freely down your drain and away from your kitchen, plus it stinks too! The more grease you pour down the drain, the more likely you are to see that wastewater come back up to the surface – gross. If this grease does make it down your drain and into the sewer, it can harm wildlife and plants in your area. Grease can choke out oxygen and prevent animals and plants from getting enough water to keep them alive.

Even if you have been pouring grease down your drains your entire life, there is still time to correct the behavior and avoid future issues. First thing’s first, stop pouring grease down the drain. By stopping this behavior now, you could save thousands of dollars in future repair costs. Simply pour out the grease in a can or jar (preferably one with a lid), let it cool, and toss in the garbage!

It is also crucial that you wipe out your bowls, pans, and utensils. Even little bits of grease that get washed out in the sink or your dishwasher can build up overtime and cause big problems. Use a paper towel to wipe the grease off your cooking utensils and dispose of it in a safe way.

Can you already tell your drains are getting clogged or not draining as well as they should? Get your drains professionally cleaned to remove buildup and clogs. This can help you prevent a disaster in the future.

Our team of plumbing professionals have a wide array of options to best solve your plumbing issues. For clogs small and large, we can help fix your plumbing problems quickly and effectively! Call us today to get started.