Thursday 1 December 2022

What Should I Do If My Water is Discolored?

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Unless there's a notice in your area for hydrant flushing, you'll likely be alarmed at seeing brown or discolored water coming from your faucet. It is common to have concerns when this happens. You may wonder if the water is contaminated or safe to drink. There are different reasons why this happens. The following details review possible reasons why discoloration occurs and what your options are to solve this problem. 

Understanding Potential Causes for Water Discoloration

Seeing brown water from your faucet can be alarming, but the color says a lot about what is happening. Brown water can have minerals, rust, and other buildups collected over time. Is there construction work being done in your area? Sometimes such work can disturb areas where these deposits are contained in the waterline. Sometimes waiting a couple of hours leads to the issue clearing up itself. It could be a broken pipe or a change in water pressure in the line that led to the color change. If pipes are being worked on somewhere nearby, rust deposits can come from the pipes being worked on and fall into the water. A water softener could solve the problem and if you already use a water softener, try removing mineral deposits left behind with regular cleaning.

Is the Water Harmful?

In most cases, brown water is not a danger, especially if deposits such as iron could be present. It is a concern if present in high amounts, but it may come from the soil as an element that naturally occurs itself. To be safe, don’t drink the water to avoid consuming unwanted bacteria. Rusty pipes are breeding grounds for bacteria that can lead to mildew and mold. These elements are not good for your health.

How to Get Rid of It

Try running cold water from the faucet for 20 minutes. If that doesn't work, contact your city's water department to see if they can flush a hydrant to remove the brown water. Does the brown water flow with cold and hot water or just through one side? If the brown water flows with hot water, there could be a problem with your water heater. It could be caused by rust spots and require flushing per manufacturer instructions. Also, ask your neighbors if they are experiencing the same problem. If not, you may need a professional plumber to assess your pipes for rust. Purifying your water with filters and softeners may also help.

Professional Help is Available

Brown water coming from the faucet can be alarming, but there is experienced help available through local plumbing services. Take action as soon as you notice the discoloration to solve the situation quickly. If you have questions or concerns, contact professional plumbing services today.